Hello! Welcome to my blog Life in a Fishtank!

I write about my experiences, beauty products and lifestyle. I decided to create a blog  as a creative outlet for me to share and talk about things I love. I love meeting new people and talking to other bloggers to find out their reasons why. Come with me on this crazy, confusing blogging journey!

I grew up in York, in North Yorkshire, so at heart I’m a small city girl but always looking for new places to explore. Travel has been in my blood since I can remember, I’ve never been interested in going to uni, I just knew from a young age that it wasn’t for me. So while all my friends have been at uni for the past couple of years, I have been working full-time in 2 pubs, saving up to go away and work, volunteer or simply just to get away! I have written about a few of my trips on my blog, but there will definitely be more trips to come so I’ll be documenting as I go.

My other passions are definitely a bit more materialistic….I’ve always been a shopper. Like always. I can’t remember writing a childhood christmas list without ‘high heels’ being on their. Shoes, bags and now makeup, I have a bit of an obsession for. I’m consistently being criticized but family members…

“Do you really need that?”  “Another bag?!” “Don’t you already have one of those?”

It doesn’t bother me, as plenty of fellow bloggers and just people who love to buy things know, it’s not about the need it’s about the want! I think at heart I’m a bit of a hoarder. And definitely when it comes to silly sentimental things. I will keep an old Paris Metro ticket, for example, if it has any memory attached to it of the day I had when I used it. Weird.

Bit of a tangent but I thought I would let you guys in on a little bit more info about me so you feel like you know the person behind the blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and reading my posts.

I’d love to chat to you, get in touch and say hello!

Thanks x